About Ged

Ged is a Labour TD for Louth & East Meath and is the Labour Party’s spokesperson on Finance, Public Expenditure & Reform.

Born and reared in Drogheda, Ged has a strong track record of delivery for his community and for working people across Ireland.

During his short spell as Minister for Business & Employment from 2014 to 2016 he established the Low Pay Commission which has led to yearly increases in the National Minimum Wage.

Ged also introduced pioneering new trade union laws; brought in new wage setting mechanisms for contract cleaners and security guards and he also started the process to introduce new laws to reform the area of precarious work (completed in 2018), such as banning zero-hour contracts and introducing the entitlement to guaranteed working hours.

All of these measures served to improve the wages and conditions for ordinary workers while also reducing inequality in our society.

Committed to decent work for all and a fairer & sustainable economic model, Ged has a vision for a "New Social Contract" between the Irish State and its citizens. Through greater investment in universal basic public services such as childcare, housing and healthcare, Ged believes we can close the gap between the have-littles and have-lots and provide a fair start, security and equal care & opportunity for all.

A lifelong Drogheda United fan, Ged is also very much associated with the arts sector.