About Ged

Ged Nash is a Labour Party Senator and your candidate for the next general election in Louth & East Meath.

Born and reared in Drogheda, Ged lives with his wife Marion. Former TD for Louth & East Meath from 2011-2016 serving as the ‘Super Junior’ Minister for Business & Employment between July 2014 and May 2016.

Ged’s unrivalled track record of delivery on workers’ rights, employment and industrial relations law reform is shown through his continuous work as Labour’s spokesperson on Employment Affairs & Social Protection.

Believing that work should always pay, Ged established the Low Pay Commission which has delivered four successive annual increases to the National Minimum Wage. Ged actively champions the fight for the Living Wage today.

Ged established ground breaking new laws which have seen the introduction of new sectoral collective bargaining and wage setting systems which benefit over 200,000 construction workers, cleaners, security guards and electrical and mechanical workers.

He also  pioneered legislation enacted in March 2019 banning zero-hours contracts in Ireland.

Ged is working to tackle the scourge of bogus self-employment which denies thousands of workers their full rights and social protection cover.

As his track record of support for job creation and business shows, Ged believes in a dynamic sustainable economy where enterprise is encouraged and rewarded.

He jointly created wig waive national Action Plans for Jobs and was responsible for the Regional Action Plans for Jobs In 2014 and 2015 which helped set Ireland on the road to balanced regional enterprise development and technical full employment.

An avid fan of Drogheda United FC, Ged is also very engaged in the arts with a particular interest in theatre, film and music.

For a candidate who’s a champion for your rights, join Ged on the campaign to be your next TD for Louth & East Meath.