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9 March 2019

Senator Ged Nash has said the Taoiseach’s remarks to the Drogheda Leader on the town’s quest for ‘city status’ are “bizarre and an insult to our intelligence.”

Speaking to the Drogheda Leader, the Labour Senator said;

“The best way the Taoiseach could support the development of Drogheda is to back Labour’s Bill to restore the Borough Council. Fine Gael and the Independents have opposed this move in the Dail.

“The bizarre comments he made in Drogheda last week where he appeared to offer some kind of make-believe, novelty city status are an absolute joke and are an insult to the intelligence of the people of our town.

“The Financial Times stable of publications has identified Drogheda as an emerging micro-city, yet we are still denied our own local authority and the power to influence and manage our own affairs and destiny.

“It is spoofery of the highest order to make any mention of city status of any description without any commitment on the institutions, resources and legislative changes that are required to make that happen.

“The Taoiseach’s comments were designed to give the impression that he has some kind of grand plan for Drogheda. The truth is he doesn’t and he has been badly found out.”