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IDA and housing

8 April 2019


IDA is fixated by Dundalk. Their refusal to build the kind of advance facilities an area like Drogheda warrants dates back to decisions taken by the three successive Fianna Fáil governments from 1997 to 2011, when major national plans were being developed.

The current lack of political influence for the Drogheda area at the very top will mean that this policy will continue under this government and in spite of Drogheda’s scale, size and significance.


The lack of public housing and a supply of housing for potential first time buyers is the single biggest issue facing Ireland.

Our area is no different. Housing and the lack thereof is the issue that dominates my clinics and my case work.

Fine Gael believes the private market will provide the solution. It hasn’t and it won’t.

There is no solution to this massive issue until there is a commitment to an unprecedented public and affordable home building programme and the kinds of secure rent systems available in civilized EU States.

For a small amount of State support we could see the Drogheda northern environs development land opened up by the Northern Port Access Route but to date this government has failed to fund it.